The Hard Parts
Of Your Yard

Hardscaping has the ability to connect all of the diverse features, aspects, and sections of your landscape. It improves curb appeal and attracts your family and friends to spend time outside. We realize how important your landscaping is to you at Morales & Sons Landscaping Service LLC. Using our knowledge, expertise, and skills, we can provide comprehensive hardscaping solutions to meet your specific demands.

Our hardscaping services are offered throughout Phoenix, Arizona, and nearby areas. Investigate the many types of hardscape elements that we install.

Retaining Walls To Increase
The Beauty Of Your Land

Retaining walls have several functions. Yes, you should be concerned about erosion damaging your landscape and maybe harming your home if you live on a hill or slope. Retaining Walls, can be built for aesthetic purposes as well. We design and construct natural stone retaining walls, and we’re the best at it.

Whatever your requirements are, building a retaining wall is a simple way to retain soil while also adding integrity and elegance to your landscape. Stone walls can help to create a beautiful exterior space. If you want to install a retaining wall in Phoenix, AZ, our knowledgeable landscapers at Morales & Sons Landscaping Service LLC can guide you through the procedure step by step.

Travertine Pavers
& Patio Decoration

The newest trend in Arizona patios is certainly the use of travertine pavers. 

Nothing beats our exquisite all-travertine stone pavers for enhancing the attractiveness of your outdoor entryway, patios, pool decks, and/or walks. While they will make any outdoor space appear warmer, they will keep your feet significantly cooler during our scorching desert months.

If you have always liked the aesthetic of pavers but want a cooler surface, you might check into travertine pavers. This surface not only has the intrigue and color range of traditional pavers, but it is also significantly cooler. If you’re looking for the ultimate blend of upmarket appearance, durability, and functionality, go no further than Morales & Sons Landscaping Service LLC‘s travertine paver assortment

Retaining Walls To Increase
The Beauty Of Your Land

Morales & Sons Landscaping Service LLC has a wide variety of decorative rocks, landscaping rocks, sand & gravel installations for your landscape. Granite is a naturally mined material that will bring up some pretty sights if that’s what you’re looking for

Boulders can add curb appeal or enhance your current backyard setting. We offer a superb selection of sizes and colors that will make your landscape design stand out. Call our experts to find out more about how we can use natural stone to make your landscape a sight to be seen.


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