We know that
irrigation is absolutely necessary for a healthy landscape in our climate

Arizona’s climate dries out lawns quickly, and you can’t rely on rain to keep your grass watered. In fact, the frequent droughts in our area mean that you need a sprinkler system that won’t waste water. 

We will professionally design, install and service your sprinkler system using the finest irrigation products in the industry. Installation can be done in a quick manner, with minimal disruption to your lawn.

A Well-Designed Irrigation
System Can Save Water,
And Time

A drought-tolerant irrigation system is critical in Phoenix, AZ. Contact Morales & Sons Landscaping Service LLC to construct an irrigation system for your property that is easy to conceal, inexpensive, and very simple to manage and adjust.

Our drought-resistant irrigation systems and repair services assist customers in lowering their water expenses. In addition, we provide second perspectives on recent estimates from local rivals. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

We Design The Most
Effective Irrigation System
For Your Lawn

Morales & Sons Landscaping Service LLC Irrigation Specialists will access the current irrigation needs and design the most effective system.  Our first goal is to have an installation that’s pleasing to the eye. 

A common installation design flaw we see is the location of the controller. To increase the longevity of the controller, we recommend the controller be installed out of the direct sunlight and at eye level.

We Provide High-Quality Plumbing Services

With years of plumbing service experience in the Phoenix, AZ area, Morales & Sons Landscaping Service LLC have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses with their plumbing needs. 

As a property owner, home or business it’s very important to hire a professional licensed & insured experienced plumber capable of carrying out plumbing repairs, replacement & installation work at the highest standard and with ease


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