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Do you want to transform your backyard into your own personal paradise? Do you require assistance in reviving your plants? Are you seeking for quick and easy solutions to maintain the beauty of your yard? Don’t look any further. 

At Morales & Sons Landscaping Service LLC, we are landscapers that will supply you with all of the products and services you’ll need to turn your property into your own personal paradise. Our landscapers take great pleasure in the quality of their work!

The Most Reliable
Landscaping Company
in Phoenix

Morales & Sons Landscaping Service LLC is here to help you with all of your landscaping requirements and with over 16 years in the business, we have encountered every situation, and we know how to handle everything. We are pleased to provide residential landscaping design and planting services.

Surprising our clients and exceeding their expectations is one of our greatest joys. As a result, we value our clients and are committed to developing and maintaining long-term relationships with them.

Are You Ready To Change
Your Grass For Artificial Turf?

Do you have nightmares about your water bill? Is your grass appearing withered and brown despite your best attempts to make it grow? If this is your situation, artificial grass is the answer.

Growing grass in this Arizona environment is expensive. Your water cost must soar to absurd proportions in order for your grass to remain green and healthy all year. No matter how hard you try, those annoying insects will always chew away at your nice lawn. You just do not have the funds or the time to maintain your lawn as green as you would want. If this is the case, it may be time to consider switching to artificial grass.

Choosing & Planting
Your Garden

From trees to plants and lawns to potted gardens, at Morales & Sons Landscaping Service LLC we can help you plant and grow anything that will fit your yard and succeed at it. We design your garden and plants in a way that would be the easiest for you to maintain without that much effort.

Most homeowners that contact Morales & Sons Landscaping Service LLC in Phoenix, Arizona, have ideas of what they want, but have difficulty knowing how to tie everything together. We create landscape plans that are truly custom designed to fit each individual client’s lifestyle and budget. Our Morales & Sons Landscaping Service LLC expert designers will help you develop a landscape plan that will provide you with a beautiful and functional outdoor space for years to come.


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